Profile, monetise and commercialise your data

Specialized Opinion Community
  • Develop detailed profiles of sports communities; covering demographics, lifestyles, behaviours & consumer preferences.
  • Create new commercial revenues through ongoing community engagement.
  • Benchmark your community against the general population and / or targeted sports groups (i.e. geographic or sport-specific).
  • Evidence the impact of both internal and external campaigns through tracking your community trends over time.
  • Improve the insights and resources used to illustrate the value of corporate partnerships, assisting in the retention and accruement of commercial investment.
  • Enhanced engagement with your sporting community through polls, online focus groups and additional research mechanisms which aggregate the panel data.

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Analytical research projects to measure & monitor community attitudes

  • Ad hoc research projects, providing in-depth insight into targeted sports fans, participants and members.
  • Tracker studies illustrating trends across the community.
  • Evidence the impact of marketing campaigns.
  • Monitor the effect of social, political and organisational change.
  • Identify the differing trends among numerous demographic, lifestyle and behavioural variables.
  • Monitor and evaluate the impact and investment value of commercial partnerships.
  • Estimate the potential market size and viability of products across various geographical regions.
  • Collect segmented feedback on concept testing projects.
Specialized Opinion Community

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Effectively utilise your insights to maximise commercial success

Specialized Opinion Community
  • Utilise SMI tools and resources to effectively leverage off insights and maximise commercial returns.
  • Add industry knowledge and connections to your commercial team through the use of SMI's experienced sales team.
  • Gain assistance in the retention and accruement of commercial investments.
  • Empower your sales pitch by effectively utilising brand preferences and benchmarked data.
  • Gain consultancy advice from industry experts on using insights to develop effective marketing strategies.

'Our aim is to deliver insights which empowers decision-making across the sports industry.'